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How to Manage Virtually During COVID-19 with Stephen Bailey

Episode Summary

This week’s episode continues our special series on navigating career and workplace issues during the coronavirus pandemic. Lindsey’s guest is Stephen Bailey, Founder & CEO of ExecOnline. Stephen brings a passion for helping executives and their companies solve their most pressing strategic challenges through innovative technology solutions. Before founding his current company, ExecOnline, Stephen served as the CEO of the Frontier Strategy Group (FSG), a venture-backed software and information services business serving Fortune 500 executives who have responsibility for emerging economies. Stephen grew the business from an early-stage start-up to a company that serves nearly half the Fortune 500 across a range of international markets and business functions. In this interview, Stephen and Lindsey discuss inclusivity in times of crisis, the importance of improving trust and empathy within your team, and what the future of work may look like as a result of this pandemic. About The Work Remix The Work Remix with Lindsey Pollak is a show that takes a positive approach to personal and organizational change, combining classic business practices from the past with modern ways of working. In today’s fast-paced, high tech, multigenerational work environment, we all must be remixers to succeed.

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“It is going to be very difficult for you truly to motivate and connect with your team if they don't believe that you care about them at a level that's deeper than just whatever their day to day job responsibilities are.”  - Stephen Bailey

“This is an opportunity for you to almost reintroduce yourself to your teams. To lead in a different kind of way. Empathy first. They're looking for a leader that they believe cares about them and is going to position them and the team for success.” - Stephen Bailey

“I would argue that the biggest risk we face right now is too inclusive environments within organizations. Because in high-stress virtual situations, what we've found is that people tend to narrow the range of individuals from whom they seek inputs and who they include in decisions and processes.” - Stephen Bailey


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